Factors that Affected the Conformity Toward Celebrities’ Exercise, Studied on Bangkok Metropolitan Population

  • วสิษฐา ธนารุจน์สานนท์ COLLEGE OF SOCIAL INNOVATION
Keywords: celebrity, Conformity, Exercise, Influencer


                  This independent study is a quantitative research and was conducted to purpose as following : 1) to which demographic factors of  celebrities’ followers can affect the intensity of conformities on exercisers  2) to what channels do the exercisers get conformed to the celebrities and 3) to seek the way that impress for exercise. The researcher had conducted a qualitative research by implement a set of survey questionnaires. The questionnaires asked about demographic data, behaviors of exercise of the population and attitude toward the exercised influencers. This set of questionnaires had collected 442 sample population who live in Bangkok Metropolitan area. The result of statistical testing shown that demographic factors including gender, age and level of education significantly influence the significant of the conformities toward exercise of celebrities. In addition, the statistical test on routes which followers do follow the celebrities also shows difference level of conformity. The followers who follow celebrities via Instagram, Youtube and Facebook significantly has greater level of conformity than those who follow celebrities via television, radio and printed media.