Influence of Firm Resource and Firm Capabilities on Export Performance: In the Perspective of Thai Gem and Jewelry Exporter

  • Nutnapha Lekhawichit 23/4 Sujarit, Arkarnsongkroh Rd., Sateng, Muang, Yala
Keywords: export performance, international business, resource-based view, resource, capability


The objective of this study is to analyzing the direct effect of firm resource (FR) and firm capabilities (FC) on export performance (EP) in manufacturing companies of the gems and jewelry industry in Thailand. The research method of this study was a quantitative method. The sample of this study were collected from 323 exporters of gem and jewelries industry in Thailand. A questionnaire was used as to research tool for data collection. A structural equation modeling (SEM) approach was used to analyze the empirical data and test the conceptual model. It was found that: 1) firm resources have a positive direct effects on export performance; 2) firm capability has no significant direct effect on export performance.