Community Water Management to Promote of the Agricultural Income

  • สุทธิพล เอี่ยมประเสริฐกุล มหาวิทยาลัยรังสิต
Keywords: Community Water Management, Income, Agriculture


          The objective of this study is to study the problems, analysis of the community water management model in Non-irrigated areas that is successful in raising the income of farmers. Outcomes, achievements and participation to suggest the policy recommendations for sustainable community water management for agriculture in order to raise the income level of the agricultural sector.

          The results of the study reveal that successful model of community water management in Non-irrigated area that the government has driven community water according the principle of “understanding, access and development” in the King’s Philosophy for sustainable development, is to increase water retention efficiency along with solar water distribution system and community participation. Key components are: (1) Understanding the environment, water quantity and agricultural potentials, (2) participatory mechanism, emphasize the creation of participation mechanisms for all sector by providing opportunities to express opinions, make decisions , join, monitor and evaluate. , (3) Water Management mechanism, with development of knowledge and technology water usage regulations in parallel with the promotion of the market including development of ecotourism destinations and (4) Community culture, especially community leaders must be accepted by members, shared responsibility and ownership . These four-key components will resulting in people having a stable career and income, reduce migration to urban communities, raise the household income of the agricultural sector from the hundred thousand baht per year to the million baht per year with the driving of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as stated by The 20-year National Strategy (2017-2036) “Thailand, a nation of Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability, is a developed nation according to the economic philosophy” to a happy society.