Social and Cultural Context That Affects the Wet Wipe Business Strategies in Myanmar

  • ศรีบังอร รัตนวงษ์สุวรรณ มหาวิทยาลัยรังสิต
Keywords: Social and Cultural Contexts, Marketing Mix, Wet Wipe Business


          This research aimed to investigate social and cultural contexts as well as factors affecting the strategies of wet wipe business in Myanmar and the relationship of those contexts and the business. This research applied mixed methodology. Quantitative data were collected from 400 Myanmar people who bought products at shopping malls in Yangon. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, T-test, F-test, LSD, and Pearson’s Correlation. Qualitative data were obtained from in-depth interviews with businesspersons in Myanmar as key informants.    

          The result showed that social and cultural contexts in Myanmar changed accordingly to those in more developed countries. Significant social contexts included new generation, value, income, and imitation of foreign cultures especially in personal care products. Factors affecting wet wipe business in Myanmar were gender, age, income, profession, product price, and taste in personal care products. Travelers, women, birth, and competitors did not affect the strategies. Social and cultural contexts were found to relate to the overall and each of the marketing mix elements at a low level with a significance level of .01.