Guidelines for The Development of Thai Steel Industry Managemaent System Towards Becoming A Sustainable Green Industry

  • ณัฐพร ยงวงศ์ไพบูลย์ Siam University
Keywords: Keyword : Industrial Management, Green Industry


The objective of this study were 1) To study the factors that affect the practical implications for the sustainable green industry. 2) To study the practical guidelines in order to bringing the Thai steel industry to a green sustainable industry.
This research uses mixed methods, which are Qualitative Research, by interviewing the top 5 leaders of the steel industry in each organization from 5 organizations that are in the study. And supplemented by collecting quantitative research data (Quantitative Research) from operators from all 5 agencies, which will collect 10 departments each.
Research results :
Dimension 1: Financial perspective affects the management of Thai steel industry to become a green industry the result from the questionnaire show with a level of Agree ( =4.04, S.D.= .506) as a result of the interview, the executives have commented that in order to changing the steel industry to a green industry requires to investment in machinery. The investment in changing machinery must analyze whether the product is worth investment or not but if the organization can not change the machinery acording to investment factors, the steel industry also can produce product that are environmentally friendly by maintaining the condition of the machinery and taking care of the machinery to be clean and consistently effective use including dealing with waste that occurs.
Dimention2 : Perspectives on internal management processes, ( =4.09, S.D.= .594) the result from the questionnaire show with a level of Agree. To push the organization to succeed in becoming a green organization, according to the interview the factor lies in the clear policy formulation combine with ongoing monitoring.
Dimention 3: Perspectives on customers and society, ( =4.08, S.D.= .615) the result show with a level of agree. From an interview “Society” has an impact and in important part in driving your organization to adapt and develop into a green industry sustainably. It is found that an acceptance from the community also the surrounding society is important because if the organization is not accepted to do the business will be tricky also, being a green organization will benefit society and surrounding communities.
Dimension 4: Perspectives on learning and growth, ( =4.01, S.D.= .588) the result from the questionnaire show with a level of Agree. From the interview, found that at present the market trend is still in the environmentally friendly production. Moreover, to change the organization including the production process to be green will help to build the confidence and add more value to the customers as well.