The Study of the Influence on Auto Industry Brand Experience towards Consumer Purchase Intention

Brand Personality as the Mediator

  • sheng yudi Rangsit University
Keywords: Automobile Industry, Brand Experience, Brand Personality, Customer Purchase Intention


In the background of the experience economy, consumers' demands level for products gradually shifts to the high-end. They pay more attention to the esteem and self-realization consciousness. At the same time, with the rapid development of technology, the homogeneity of products has become increasingly prominent. Based on the brand building of enterprises, the objective is to study the relationship among brand experience, brand personality, and consumers' purchase intention, collecting and analyzing data through a questionnaire survey, and finally verifying the hypothetical model. Brand personality plays an intermediary role between brand experience and consumers' purchase intention. At the same time, the results found that the related experience of brand experience and sensory experience have the most significant impact on purchase intention; “Courage”, “Benevolence” and “Happy” in brand personality have the most significant impact on purchase intention; communication experience has a significant impact on all dimensions of brand personality, which is higher than other dimensions of brand experience. In terms of the individual “Courage” dimension that affects brand personality, the effects of communication experience, related experience, and moral experience are the most significant. According to the study of intermediary effects, brand experience has the most significant impact on purchase intention through the three dimensions of “Courage”, “Benevolence” and “Happy”.