The factors of economy that has affected to stock price of Demco Public Company Limited (Thailand)

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                   This study aimed to examine the economic factors that affect the price of shares of Demco Public Company Limited (Thailand) DEMCO economic factors are taken into consideration in this study include inflation (IR) deposit rate 3. month (DR: FIX3) exchange rate baht per dollar in the United States (EX) index investment (PII) and the index value of the baht, the real (REER) using data from secondary sources (Secondary Data) which. provides quantitative data, using information gathered from reports of trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. During the study period, from January 2553 to December 2557 total duration of 60 months of research using analytical methods. Multiple regression (Multiple Regression), which is used to select variables by adding independent variable stepwise (Stepwise Regression) at the 0.05 level of significance.

                The results of this study showed that the significant level of 95 variables shares of Demco Public Company Limited (Thailand) DEMCO is a fixed rate three months (DR: FIX3) exchange rate baht per dollar. US (EX) index, the baht, the real (REER) the same correlation was statistically significant.