A Qualitative Study of Digital Disruption in Educational Business during COVID-19 Situation in Thailand

  • Papob Puttimanoradeekul Ministry of Education
Keywords: digital disruption, COVID-19, educational business, game-based learning application, activity-based learning, new normal


The objective of this paper was to present the effect of COVID-19 outbreak towards educational business in Thailand where technology was used to replace a suspension of learning and teaching in traditional classroom. Experts have estimated the ending of COVID-19 could last in 1-3 years; therefore, online learning is essential for Thai education. Educational institutions and companies who are involved in developing digital platforms and creating contents find this opportunity from digital disruption but need to be aware of some factors, such as the resistance in changing the use of new technology, the panic buying that has raised sales in certain period but showed a steady drop after post lockdown. Hence, apart from good platform and contents, training and support can help gain more customers and profits and build the technology ecosystem for sustainable growth.