Thailand Cosmetic Industry under ASEAN Cosmetic GMP Standard System

  • จารุวรรณ เมณฑกา
  • เกษม กสิโอฬาร
  • พัชรี ตันติวิภาวิน
Keywords: Thailand Cosmetic, ASEAN Cosmetic GMP Standard System


                   This research studies the organizational style of the Thai cosmetic industry within the context of creating a model for the ASEAN cosmetic GMP standard system. In this qualitative research, the instruments used were primary area surveying, in-depth interviews, a questionnaire, and a focus group discussion. The population included business owners, executives, section managers, representatives from distributors, representatives from suppliers, and experts and academics from the cosmetics field.

                  When compared to prior research, the results show that the Thai cosmetic industry has realized both administrative and organizational improvements. Executives have recognized the importance, and benefits of improving and adjusting business models. They have also learned from lost opportunities. Currently, executives from the Thai cosmetic industry are applying vision and strategy to develop the industry. Some organizations are planning using the 7s Framework by McKinsey. Some are implementing the vision and philosophy of John P. Kotter and Joseph V. Quigley to set shared values, missions, and goals. Some are preparing to use Hersey & Blanchard’s philosophy for competency improvement by applying knowledge, understanding, and experience to improve intention, confidence, motivation for achievement, and stability. Various other philosophies are also being used to bring the cosmetic industry up to the ASEAN Cosmetic GMP standard.

                   First, the Thai cosmetic business association should implement an administrative model that includes strategic vision, shared values, missions, and goals to improve the industry. Then, they should study a preparation model for competency, and show willingness to train staff. Finally, they should study the structure and systems required to maintain the ASEAN Cosmetic GMP standard.