Marketing Factors Influencing the Online Purchasing Of Couple T-Shirt Towards Consumer in Bangkok Metropolitan Area

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Keywords: Marketing factors, couple T-shirts, online market


                   The objectives of this study were 1) to analyze marketing factors influencing the online purchasing of couple T-shirts of consumers in Bangkok Metropolitan area and 2) to analyze difference factors among individuals having influence towards online purchasing of the T-shirts.

                   The researcher used questionnaires to collect data from randomly selected 400 respondents through Facebook, at the area in front of the shop and via e-mail. The statistics used in analyzing the data included percentage, frequency, standard deviation, t-test, One-way Analysis of Variance and analysis of difference of mean in pair by LSD methods.

                   1) The research showed that the consumers decided to purchase couple T-shirts in online market upon realizing marketing factors 7P and other aspects, and also personal factors. The respondents were both males and females. Their different average income had different influence on decision to purchase the T-shirts in online market. Their different ages, occupation and education did not have different influence on decision to purchase the T-shirts.

                   2) The result of comparison between decision and marketing factors had influence towards online purchasing of the T-shirts, for example, frequency of wearing the couple T-shirts of consumers, the occasions where the respondents prefer to wear them. The consumers decided to buy the T-shirts in online market as they realized the marketing factors, 7P and other aspects. Consumers having different decision making behavior had different decision making in purchasing the couple T-shirts.