Conflict Management of Society and Thai Politics During 2008-2012

  • อรอนงค์ พุกกะคุปต์
  • ชัยโรจน์ เจริญชัยกรณ์
  • นิภาพร พุทธพงษ์
Keywords: conflict, Thai politics, harmony


                  This research aim to study the conflict management of society and Thai politics during 2008-2012. The research methods used qualitative research proceeding by documentary research, gathering information from in-depth interview with the representative group of leaders and political influencers, academicians and media. The political based on principle of all people are different thinking and different action

                 The research has shown that the major causes of conflict included the demand for power and benefits while the study of type of political conflict has reflected the most on benefits. At present, the well-suited methodology in managing Thai’s political conflict needs integration. However, the past behavior of conflict management focused only on overcoming. Furthermore, the problem of trust in individual has become a major impact. Thus, the solution is the use of peace method by adopting rule of law, rule by law, principle of justice, virtue and morality by cooperation from the government and the relevant parties. In term of all Thai people they are able to support political on holding understand, approach and development. The research suggestion were stress on people have knowledge in democracy, when they are understood people have reason and anxious to participate in political, when holding democracy will not favor in violent and sharing in create harmony atmosphere. Promote concrete operation on determined model area is support work of people, both village and Sub-District, support network has inside potential on conflict management. Moreover, create conformity social driven up rather than resolve problem of political and military authority is exist. Create course of “Civil conscious” for children, juvenile and people, awarded community for strength civil sector, as well as provide activity of excellent politician is praise for merit. Create co-habit atmosphere and principle of understand, approach and development of The King, not only problem of national harmony but for every problem of Thai political will be away or decreasing certainly. Return to love their country has stability, livable and holding Nation, Religion and The King Institute and united spirit of all Thai people for country are happy always on this land.