Active Ageing Innovation for Self-Independence of Ageing People in Nakhon Ratchasima Province

  • คัมภิรัตน์ แก้วสุวรรณะ
Keywords: Ageing, Active Ageing, Social innovation


                  The purposes of the research were to study about social innovation for the elderly in active ageing concept in Nakhon Ratchasima and to offer a social innovation model for the elderly in active ageing concept. This research  is a qualitative research. The data were collected by in-dept interview, informal interview, non-participatory observation, participatory observation and focus group with the 40 ageing people  from Thailand, Germany, Switzerland and Laos then analyzed synthesived and presented as basic information.

                   Active ageing concept in the elderly should require four main points: 1) the elderly should prepare themselves for financial and housing. 2) creating attitude of the elderly care to families and communities, that can encourage all parties with good attitude to care for the  elderly especially the four points : health, social welfare, economic and social gathering. 3) social participation: club, high technology recreation activity, the capable elderly training to assist the others about health, self-taking care social adaptation as social assistance, living with peer or people in the same age make them not to adapt themselves too much and understand physical condition ,the important mind service for the future and 4) having the knowledge to take care of their own physical and mental health.

                  The suggestion of The study were : social innovation about Active ageing concept in Nakhon Ratchasima should consist of three major parts: 1) To promote active ageing the elderly about personality of their own such as health, education, occupation, economic status and awareness in community for the elderly. 2) The social support including the health service, transportation and religion and cultural activity. 3) Providing appropriate communication and information scheme to active ageing the elderly.