Satisfaction Towards the Administration of the Outstanding Police Station According to the Police Station for People Project: Case of Takua Thung Police Station, Phangnga Province

  • สิริพงศ์ วงศ์สรรเพชญ
  • รัตพงษ์ สอนสุภาพ
Keywords: Administration, Satisfaction, The police station for the people


                   This research aims to study working process and development plan of Takuatung Police Station towards vision and their goals.  Success or failure depends on working procedure of individual polices at each station. Good polices characteristics influence people quality of life with represent the well police organization.

                  The purpose of this study is to evaluate the overall organization management of Takuatung Police Staion by comparing the differences of 392 people satisfication in this area. This study using a survey as a tool for Percentage, Standard Deviation, significance and Chi-Square test.

                    The result of hypothesis compare across different gender and found out that the diffences factor in each individual does not have much effected to the satisfication of police managment which is justice managment, securiety of people’life and property and management. However, as expected under conflict hypothesis the factor that effect unsatisfication of people in the area is the traffic and general management.