Policy Assessment on Bangkok’s Development Plan Toward/Peaceful and Environmental Sustainability During 2005-2015

  • เปรมณัช โภชนสมบูรณ์ นักวิจัย หรือ นักศึกษา มหาวิทยาลัยรังสิต
Keywords: Policy Assessment, Bangkok’s Development Plan, Environmental Sustainability


                  The research methodology was based on a mixed method, a combination between quantitative and qualitative research. It aimed to study the relation between the constituents of the phenomenon. The objectives of the study were (1) to investigate the background of Bangkok’s policy and development plan to become a peaceful city: environment development plan, (2) to evaluate the level of input process and result orientation in terms of their output outcome impact of Bangkok’s policy: environmental development plan of 2005-2015, and (3) to study the encountered problems and obstacles and their resolutions upon implementing the plan during 2005-2015.

                  The results of the study revealed that (1) the budget was not enough because the allocation was considered only from the number of population whose names were listed in the house registration, rather than the size of each district area as well as the number of latent population and tourists. It also showed that (2) to make the participation of all  private and public sectors successful, the government should take legal and economic measures involved for more concrete results. (3) Public health was the most important because if the people in the country were healthy, community would be healthy, so the government should provide enough safe and clean areas in the communities for recreational and athletic purposes. (4) This policy would not be successful if the government did not solve the addressed problem; therefore, the factor in terms of people was the first priority in order to boost the sustainable development of the country. (5) Tourism promoting policy can help bring money into the country; therefore, to attract more tourists to Thailand, the government should focus more on Thai culture and arts, rather than entertainment