The Salary Structure for Cooperative of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand

  • นเรนทร์ฤทธิ์ สอาดวงศ์ สถาบันการจัดการปัญญาภิวัฒน์
Keywords: Compensation, Salary Survey, Salary Structure


                  This Research is an the salary structure of the cooperative shop worker at Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. The purpose is to make the salary structure for the cooperating stores at Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. And to implement Compensation Management effectively by creating fairness among employees within organization cooperative stores while being competitive in the market. This research is covering all employees, from senior management to operational level.

                  The tools used in the preparation of such salary structure are Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, Payroll Survey Evaluation. The researcher has prepared job descriptions for all positions and use it as a principle in job evaluation, conduct a job evaluation by pair comparison method. Job comparison table is created and being used to compare all the jobs in order to get valid job values that will help solve unfairness within the organization. For a Salary Survey, researchers used information from sources that are known and accepted by public which is a (2559-2560) survey report of the PIM HR Excellence Center and 2017f Thailand Salary from ADECCO including wage and salary of a cooperative state enterprise employee.

                  The research found that the pay of a store cooperative work at, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand is currently below the average, but not so much because of we change the salary structure in the year 2557. The original salary structure had no salary cap, which does not reflect the value of the job and are unable to pay by the Competency of the employee. Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand should adjust the pay of the average of the survey in response to the strategy of the organization. Moreover, the level of job (Job Grade) should be separated into 4 levels for ease and flexibility in the adjustment of