Satisfaction and Employee Engagement: A Case Study at Dhanarak Asset Development Co., Ltd.

  • ศุภชัย เหมือนโพธิ์ มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์
Keywords: Satisfaction, Employee Engagement


                  This research aims to 1) study the satisfaction and Employee Engagement to Dhanarak Asset Development Co.,Ltd, (DAD) and 2) study the attitude and aspiration affecting the satisfaction and Employee Engagement to DAD. The research uses mixed methodology combining quantitative research method including questionnaire and qualitative research method including focus group with 154 respondents and 22 informants respectively. The research instruments are distributed to high and middle level staff, staff at 1-4 practitioner levels, and contract staff of DAD.

The research findings are;

  1. DAD highly recognizes the importance of full-time and contract staff. Staff also highly satisfy the company because of clear job description, mutual assistance and up-to-date working structure making staff have better understanding about their responsibility. In addition, DAD’s executive staff can build the aspiration of practitioner-level staff through remuneration, welfare and opportunity for self-development and work promotion. The practitioner-level staff therefore can ensure their work development while working with DAD. Finally, staff of DAD have satisfaction and Employee Engagement.
  2. The result of hypothesis testing shows that the demographical factor regarding different job description can differently affect the Employee Engagement to DAD as well as; communication procedure, evaluation system, human resource development, employment and work development, work environment, information system, staff remuneration and welfare. In addition, proactive working of human resource division can also affect the satisfaction and Employee Engagement to DAD that can make staff recognize their significance to the company. DAD’s credibility and reputation as well as attitude of executive staff, colleagues and company can influence the level of satisfaction and Employee Engagement to DAD.