Development of Employee Handbook of Numbers to establish a convenience store of retail business.

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Keywords: Employees Handle Numbers, Manual


      This article is based on research. The development of employee handbook of numbers capture in the establishment of retail convenience stores. Objectives 1) To investigate the condition and to investigate the problem of employee performance. 2) To develop the manual of employees to handle numbers in the establishment of convenience stores of retail business education. By in-depth interview There are 7 employees who have more than 10 years of experience in capturing numbers. This research is divided into 2 phases. Phase 1 investigates the situation and explores the problem of employee performance. In the establishment of retail convenience store, and Phase 2 develop the manual of the employees to handle numbers in the establishment of retail convenience stores.

    The results show that. Based on the results of Phase 1 research, the researcher was informed about the working conditions of the employees. In addition, the problem of working in the workplace is also known. The number of employees in each area is different in each area. Drugs risk area. The problem is. People in the area, both the trader and the paranoid, know what employees are doing in the area or at risk of counterfeiting. Traders and traders understand that. Is the state to seize the counterfeit goods. Or area under construction Often, accidents such as falling lime or construction materials fall. Or gambling area. For example, a snooker table, a tennis ball, a lottery ticket, or even a lonely area by region. Villagers in the area are unaware of the arrival of staff. Employees are expected to work 48 hours in a row, causing the villagers to panic. Sometimes the villagers defend themselves using home weapons. Or sometimes the villagers go to the police to check the performance of the employees catch the numbers. Employees have to stop working. Or sometimes invited to the police station to inquire. Or sometimes serious may be physically assaulted or robbed by a hijacker.

    Based on the results of the second phase, the researcher gathered the information gathered from the in-depth interview (Indepth Interview), compiled a manual for the employees, and then led the team to capture the numbers. The procedure includes details. In the manual again Before presenting a number capture manager for approval. In addition, the manual will be used to prepare the employee's manual.

      This study has proposed that. It should be noted that the manual results. The case is inconsistent with the current situation. And give back the information. To improve and adapt to the current situation.