Revenue Official Development in the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Area

  • พัชรีพรรณ สารัตน์ มหาวิทยาลัยกรุงเทพธนบุรี
Keywords: Development, Revenue official


                  The objectives of this study were (1) to investigate the current state and problems relevant to the development of the government officials working for the Revenue Department; (2) to examine the concepts and HRD theories deemed appropriate for the development of the government officials; and (3) to offer designs used for the development of the government officials.

                   The needed data for the study were gathered from pertinent documents, focus group interviews, in – depth interviews, and audiovisual materials. The collected data were analyzed by means of content analysis, description, and storytelling.

As a result of the qualitative data analysis, the researcher has discovered the following facts:

1) As for the current state and problems pertaining to the development of the government officials attached to the Revenue Department, it was found the Revenue Department had the policy concerning the promotion of the government officials to receive some training and participate in various, personal developmental projects; however, the budget provided by the central administrative office for personal development purpose was far from adequate.

2) Some concepts and theories deemed suitable for HRD to boost the government officials’ capacities were put into practice.

3) With regard to the guidelines, designs and recommendations regarding HRD of the government officials attached to the Revenue Department, the following merit mention.

                 The administrators must set a clear – cut vision, revamp the work process, take a holistic view of various human resource groups (economic group, social group, and so on) so as to make the work cycle complete and more efficient; moreover, the roles of the government officials should be adapted to fit the decentralization. Finally, the administrators should give advice and counsel to local government officials and communities about the allocation of budget for the long – term human resource development as well as create an atmosphere conducive to negotiation for acquiring the needed budget.         

                  Last but not least, all work units attached to the Revenue Department needs to put great emphasis on training, education, personnel development, career development and organizational development; all these should be done in a concrete manner.