Achievement of SML project management in Satun Province

  • ดาโต๊ะสรีสุธิพันธ์ ศรีริกานนท์ มหาวิทยาลัยกรุงเทพธนบุรี
Keywords: Achievement, Project Management


                 The Objectives of this research consist of (1) to study the problems of the project of the Potential Development of Community and Village (SML) in Khuan Kalong District, Satun Province (2) to study the accomplishment of the project (3) to recommend of how to improve/reform of this project.

                 This research is a qualitative research. It collected a data from documents, groups’ discussion, and interviews and audiovisual to analyze by using the analyzing process, descriptive and proof the result. 1) The problems of this project in Khuan Kalong District, Satun Province comes from a conflict in the community, this affect the delaying of the driving of the project. In fact, most of the problems are miss understanding of people in community and lack of understanding of how to drive the project to a peaceful and successful. 2) The accomplishment of the project is people in community understand the objective of this project; the relevant authority can drive the project, in which people benefits of the infrastructure in this project as well as to promote their employment and increase of their wages as to reduce the poverty. 3) The recommendation of how to improve the project management of this project is to suggest the village fund and community to training and give the understanding to village and community commission project, people and relevant authority in the community in order to drive the effective project. Public participation must be implemented in all level, so the project can be measurable, sustainable and continue developing. However, freedom of express of their opinion should be given because they understand the situation of their community.