Development of the public Relations system of Ang Thong

  • พัชราภา ขาวบริสุทธิ์ นักวิจัย หรือ นักศึกษา มหาวิทยาลัยรังสิต
Keywords: Development of the public Relations system of Ang Thong


                 The objective of this quantitative research was to explore the public relations of
 Ang Thong Municipality and problems of the news and information acknowledgment of people in the municipal area as well as possible approaches for improvement of the organization’s public relations system.

                 The research methodology included the data collection conducted via questionnaires distributed to 390 samples. The obtained the data were then analyzed using frequencies, percentages, means, and standard deviations. In addition, four informants including public relation officers and related people were also interviewed.

                 It was found form the study that most of samples were female and were over 50 year old. Most of them were and had been living in Talat Luang 2 Community, Ang Thong Municipality, for 16 years and over. In addition, most of samples were satisfied with public relations via public address system. In terms of content, it was found that they were satisfied with the content presented in leaflets at the highest level.

                 The organization’s public relations system was found to follow general standards of public relations, researching information from a variety of official documents as well as conducting related research to gain public feedbacks. In teams of problems uncounted, it was found that public relations media were not in good condition and the public relations operation was not so effective due to limited budget. It was also found that people taking part in the organization’s public relations operation through their participation in activities and projects.

                To enhance the effectiveness of its public relations system, Ang Thong Municipality was recommended to improve its public relations operation by increasing its public relations channels to cover the public’s needs and improving its public relations system as well as personnel to enhance its performance as to be the center of news and information for the public.