The Relationship between Customer Satisfaction with Logistics Service Quality and Customer Loyalty of China E-commerce Market: A Case of S.F. Express (Group) Co., Ltd

A Case of S.F. Express (Group) Co., Ltd

  • Guoping Huang University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Keywords: Logistics Service Quality, E-commerce, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty



This research reviewed the relative studies on logistics service quality under B2B and B2C e-commerce context, combining with the practical situation of China e-commerce, which focus on clarifying the relationship of customer satisfaction in logistics service quality and customer loyalty in China e-commerce market. The business-to-customer (B2C) web store consumer perceived logistics service quality is divided into 4 dimensions: Efficiency, Fulfillment, Availability and Privacy. In order to analyze the data, 485 questionnaires was collected. In this research, the methods of descriptive analysis, reliability analysis, validity analysis, confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation model (SEM) analysis was used to analyze the data. Through analyzed the data, we got two findings: 1. the factor that had biggest impact on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty under the electronic commerce context which was Efficiency; 2. logistics service quality had positive affection on the customer satisfaction and satisfaction had highest affection to loyalty.