Value Chain of Aviation Industry Factors Influence Decision Making on Using Low Cost Airline in Thailand

  • ภัพแพร อ่วมอินทร์ Student


The objectives of this study were the first, to study characteristic of populations that affecting the decision making on selecting Low Cost Airline in Thailand and the second, to study Logistics activities in value chain included route and availability, safety, connecting flight, price and responsiveness. The samples of this research were 400 consumers using Low Cost Airline in Thailand to representative in all population in research and using a sampling method. The selection 2 airport Where passenger used most populated were Donmuang Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport as representative of the entire population to bring research

                The result of this study 400 consumers answered the questionnaires showed that more consumer was female 242 peoples and male 158 peoples of Low Cost Airline’s customer answered the questionnaires. More customer was adult with range of age between 16-30 years old. The graduated with a bachelor’s degree about 215 peoples, almost officer answered the question about 228 peoples and earned an average monthly income with a range of salary between bath 15,001-30,000 with 218 peoples

                There are 2 components of Logistics Activities to relation with a decision making on selection of Low Cost Airline in Thailand were safety and price with the .05 significance level.