Policy Corruption: A case study of The National Energy Management in Solar Farm Project

  • อัครพงศ์ มาปรีดา 3 วชิรธรรมสาธิต 32 สุขุมวิท 101/1 พระโขนง กทม.
Keywords: Policy Corruption, National Energy Management, Solar Farm Project


          Research on Policy Corruption: A Case Study of National Energy Management in Solar Farm Project. The purpose of the research is to (1) Overview of the current corruption situation. (2) Collection of basic information related to the policy corruption of the Energy Regulatory Commission in the Solar Farm Project. (3) Apply knowledge from research results to benefit. Guidance for solving the problem of corruption in Thailand. Using qualitative research methodology. Scope of research is to collect the research report of the cabinet. And technical documentation. Related to the Corruption of National Energy Management in the 'Solar Farm' project.

          The research found that : “Policy Corruption” Fraudulent measures are not designed or defended and direct suppression. Because it is fraudulent, it is wrong to investigate corrupt individuals or if it can be traced to a group of people. and there is not enough evidence to prove the faults of all involved. Because of the behavior or intent of corruption was as created righteous and lawful.