Adaptation of securities companies to modern trading technology

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Keywords: Adaptation, Modern trading technology


The study of the adjustment of securities companies to modern sales technology aims to study the operations of securities companies and trends in the development of securities companies towards modern trading technology by studying the interviews of the management group and those who working in 5 related securities companies. The results of the interview showed that Business organizations must adjust themselves to keep up with the changing competitive conditions. By creating innovation Link work system Increase trading channels Provide new services before the rival In order to complete the trading system Is safe and beneficial to most investors. As a result, the current business operation is not a challenge, just a perspective on reducing the cost of services. For the securities industry, it means reducing the number of investment advice officers. Because new investors have a good understanding of investment including the reduction of fees for trading securities for competition in the industry In this business, there must be a way to develop personnel. And appropriate trading system Consistent with the modern trading technology of investors continuously.