The Leader and Social Capital in Development of Bang Sean Beach

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Keywords: Leader, Social Capital, Bangsaen beach


This objective of this research is to study the role of leader for social capital management in Bangsean beach and the guideline of social capital development in Bangsean beach. The research method is in-depth with Mr.Narongchai Khunpleam and Mr.Utij Sripinij. The results show that 1) The role of leaders in social capital management Bangsaen beach. In the field of the conservation, preservation, and promotion of participation. 2) Social Capital Development Approach Bangsaen Beach by authority of legal the major of Sansuk municipality. The eegal order Organize activities raise community awareness of the value of social capital Bangsaen beach and the principle of communication through the media. The modern technology to take care of the safety of tourists and people on Bang Saen beach. 3) The concept of leader in social capital conservation Bangsaen Beach By arranging merchants at Bangsaen beach to comply with the rules. And there is punishment for violators to keep clean Price control 4) The concept of leadership in utilizing social capital Bangsaen beach using the value do not ruin the beach environment. Raise awareness for the community and tourist. The suggestion is the leader should to support the coordinating from any section and increasing the budget of social capital development, and then the governance should to do the national plan for developing the tourism.