Increasing Competency from property management of the State Railway of Thailand

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Keywords: Increasing Competency, Property management, State Railway of Thailand


This qualitative study uses research methodology which includes documentary research and individual in-depth interviews including group discussions with key informants from the Deputy Director of the department and above, Including Executives director and employees of the property management department. The research aims to study problems and obstacles in property management of the State Railway of Thailand and seeking ways to increase the potential and efficiency for property management of the State Railway of Thailand.

The results of the study shown that management problems and obstacles of the State Railway of Thailand is experiencing continuous losses. Due to the emphasis on Public Service Obligation rather than commercial. The State Railway of Thailand is a large organization with complex management and multi-level command lines. The diversity of job characteristics causes integration problems between departments within the organization, especially the lack of skilled business personnel. Including the government's policy to reduce the burden of public expenditure by excluding train fare on the 3rd floor, by recording the usage statistics of passengers and service revenue to request support from the government according to the policy, but will not receive the full amount and get delayed.

The State Railway of Thailand Act quite outdated, not consistent with the current situation and has unclear business goals. Earning income from property management of the State Railway of Thailand earn a return of only 2,400 million baht per year. Unable to manage the existing assets in full capacity due to lack of business expertise, unfavorable organizational structure and lack of skilled personnel.


1) Organizational restructuring : Management and human resource development (HRM / HRD), organizational development (OD), accounting systems should use technology to manage financial and accounting systems (FMIS)

2) Service development: Focus on increasing income from the development of commercial areas, development of passenger service products, new business development, increasing operational efficiency and reducing operating costs.

3) Using technology to increase management efficiency: To move to a full digital society in the year 2022 by creating a database and linked to being a BIG DATA.