Identities of ecofeminism to environmental conservation

  • จงกล ลิ่วเวหา ภัทรโภคินภิบาล 096-890-7537
Keywords: Ecofeminism, Identity, Environment



The purpose of this study was to (1) study the identities of ecofeminism in the movement for conservation of the environment.(2) study the significance of cultural life .Foundation that make women participation in the process of environmental movement conservation. (3) Study the movement of environmental; protection by environment

The result shows that: The leadership of women in the movement for environmental conservation is the naturally by themselves for being aware of the rights and duties, especially their baby, their family. The holistic concept is capability is core issues that formed the core of women's identity. Recognizing that nature is included in all beings the Centre (Bio-centric), the women are close to the natural is the culture. The environment has a relationship, both direct and indirect through women, as those affected may be more than other groups, such as people affected by drought that makes women must have more burden on supplying water and food for their family, towards the prevention and solving problems such as role in maintaining the watershed forest reserve species of fish and waste management. In fact, women are understanding and perception of the environment better than men because of its intuitions, as mothers, as well as natural forest and river. The leaders of village, especially women, are represented for recruiting natural resources with dedication and sacrifice, and have strengthened their own roles and can be displayed more efficiently and are involved with the rights to protecting resources and access to public resources has become an opportunity which allows villagers challenges of State power in the political system's normal channels or mechanisms of government systems, and the outside edge of the circle to change the political system issue that caused development discourse