A Study of Political Participation Through Online Media: Case Study Post Today and Naewna

  • วุฒิพร ลิ้มวราภัส 0800004714
Keywords: Political Participation Online Media, Political Development,


The objectives of this study were to 1) study political participation through online media, and 2) study the influences of online media that effect political development. The writer has conducted information from related research documents and interviewing in-depth. A total 16 informants were divided into two groups. The first was online media group that publishes an online news site ‘Post Today’ and ‘Naewna’ including site managers, website managers and news librarians. The second group was online news followers. It was found that 1) online newspapers has played role in politics and in political participation by informing political truths, political education, and being a communication channel between the public and the media, so that people are aware of government’s administration. For the political participation through online media, it has been screened for information, moderated the opinions, coordinated, monitored activities, and created channels for public comments. Most of them expressed their own perspectives on democracy: comment on the duty of political representatives and exchange political opinions that promote democratic culture. 2) Nowadays, the online media has greatly influenced political development because it informs people an up-to-date information; and influenced the political development that causes social structure changed. People adapt more technology into their lives; it highly develops political system and democratic development growth. It is a way to get continuous information in unlimited quantities and citizen can reach more sources of news and information equally.