The ASEAN International Sandbox Conference (AISC) stands as a pioneering platform, embodying the innovative concept of "Anytime, Anywhere." This unique approach breaks down geographical and temporal barriers, enabling scholars, industry experts, and enthusiasts from across the globe to engage in a seamless exchange of ideas and knowledge. The AISC is not just a conference; it's a continuous, accessible, and dynamic forum that adapts to the needs and schedules of its international participants.

We wholeheartedly encourage scholars and individuals passionate about shaping the future of the ASEAN region to participate in this groundbreaking conference. Whether you're contributing groundbreaking research, sharing insightful experiences, or looking to expand your understanding of key regional issues, AISC offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect, collaborate, and contribute to meaningful discourse. Join us in this innovative venture to redefine the landscape of international conferences and make a lasting impact on the ASEAN community and beyond.