The LGBTQIA+ Equality in Thailand

  • Iyarin Sutaphoeksaporn Rangsit University
Keywords: LGBTQIA, Gender equality, Leadership, Same-sex marriage


Despite Thailand's relatively high tolerance for LGBTQIA+ people, LGBTQIA+ people still live on legal inequality and equal rights. The purpose of this research was to study the perspectives of Thai society and people towards LGBT people and their needs for LGBT rights in Thailand. This research is quantitative. By surveying and responding to online questionnaires from a group of Thai people aged 9-75 years old and there are also 136 people of different genders.
The results showed that Freedom and gender equality want the freedom to express themselves without having to worry about surrounding eyes and being accepted by society like normal people have equal rights to marriage and having a family like a male and a female legally I want to get gender equality and people around me and my family are more open-minded, accepting and understanding and I want to have a legal child. This research helps to better understand the perspectives of people in society towards LGBTQIA+ people and better understand the needs of LGBTQIA+ people and how they can cope with them without bias.