Research on the influencing factors of digital transformation China's automotive aftermarket

  • Jingdan Huang Student
  • Amporn Puapradit
Keywords: digital transformation, Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP), Automotive aftermarket, influencing factors


The Chinese automotive aftermarket has a huge market size due to a combination of political support, economic development, and changing social and technological trends. There exists an increasing demand for the digitization of products and services with core competencies in this industry. Digital transformation will change the future of the industry. In particular, the widespread use of new technologies and the emphasis on sustainable development. This paper focuses on the repair and maintenance and used car markets of the Chinese automotive aftermarket as the main research area. The digital transformation of China's automotive aftermarket is a complex process that is influenced by a combination of factors. Fifteen hierarchical indicator factors are designed based on the Technology-Organization-Environment (TOE) framework.

The Analytic Hierarchy Process is used to determine the index weights, and the factors influencing the digital transformation of the automotive aftermarket are ranked according to their comprehensive weights, reflecting the relevance of the factors influencing digital transformation to the target. The results of the study revealed that the top four factors influencing were enterprise digital technology innovation capability, use of digital professionals, industry competition, and financial support or investment. Accordingly, countermeasures for China's automotive aftermarket digital transformation are proposed.