Rakuten Ichiba Marketing Strategy for Increasing Number of Customer

  • Satoshi Kibe Rangsit University
  • Anna Davtyan
Keywords: Rakuten, Amazon, Marketing Strategy, E commerce Platform, Customer satisfaction, Japan


This paper examines Rakuten's marketing strategy and identifies the factors that have contributed to the company's customer expansion. As well, analyzes the usage of other e-commerce platform in Japan to better understand the Japanese e-commerce market. A survey was conducted to identify Rakuten Ichiba's potential customers, factors of customer satisfaction in regard to their services, and how their marketing strategies are affecting their customers. The questionnaire was designed and was possible to collect responses of 400 Japanese e-commerce users, and the collected information was analyzed.

 The results showed that Rakuten points, one of Rakuten Ichiba's marketing strategies, had the highest level of satisfaction compared to other services. Rakuten Points are points earned by using Rakuten services and are a type of discount service. In addition, approximately 60% of other e-commerce platform users who did not use Rakuten Ichiba, used other Rakuten services such as Rakuten Bank. Rakuten Ichiba has to come up with ideas for motivating users to not only use one or two services of Rakuten, but become a Rakuten Ichiba cosyumer and earn better promotions, gifts, discounts.