The Comparative Financial Performance of Bilibili, iQIYI and Mango Excellent Media during Pandemic Situation

  • Shouyang Song rangsit university
  • Kanitsorn Terdpaopong
  • Yiming Wang
  • Dandan Xu
  • Yuqing Shi
Keywords: iQIYI, Mango Excellent Media, Bilibili, Financial Performance, Quantitative Analysis, Chart Analysis, Graphical Analysis, Profit Revenue and Losses


This essay will analyze the revenues and losses of three Chinese media companies, namely IQIYI, Mango Excellent Media, and Bilibili, by comparing their financial revenues, expenses, and cash flows over three years from 2019 to 2021 in the main video direction before and after the epidemic, in order to deduce the trends of the video media industry in the post-epidemic economic recovery. All sectors of the physical market have been affected by the financial crisis during the epidemic, whereas the media and the entertainment industry have been able to maintain stable revenues and growth, which is why we are interested in this area. Therefore, we decided to conduct a detailed analysis of the financial performance of these three companies for the last three years to obtain findings. On the other hand, we will use quantitative analysis to collate the data from the websites and comparative analysis of the same categories so that the reader can easily understand the strengths and weaknesses of the three companies. Besides using chart analysis, the essay will also use graphical analysis to compare the three-year turnover and membership sales of the three companies, which will enable the analysis of whether financial losses are more influenced by operational management or the epidemic, to recommend targeted solutions for improvement.