A Study of Influencing Factors of Thai Consumers' E-book Purchase Intention

  • Manatsawee Amonsetthakul Rangsit University
Keywords: E-book purchase intensions, Personal factors, Perceived usefulness, Perceived ease of use, Social factors, Thai consumers


With the rapid development of digitization and the internet, electronic books (e-books) have gained increasing attention and popularity among consumers worldwide as a new form of reading. However, consumer acceptance and purchasing intentions toward e-books vary significantly across countries and regions. This study focuses on the Thai market and aims to explore the factors influencing Thai consumers’ purchase intentions towards e-books, providing valuable insights for developing the e-book market in Thailand. Through a questionnaire survey and data analysis, the study investigates the impact of personal factors, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and social factors on consumers’ purchasing decisions. The results reveal that personal factors such as age, gender, education level, and income play significant roles in consumers’ decision-making when purchasing e-books.

Furthermore, consumers generally recognize the advantages of e-books in terms of convenience, space-saving, and diverse content and hold positive attitudes towards the user experience of e-books. Regarding social factors, consumers perceive reading e-books as a fashionable reading trend and acknowledge their contribution to environmental sustainability. Consumers express their interest in purchasing e-books, are willing to pay for them and recommend them to others. These research findings provide theoretical and practical support for developing the e-book industry in the Thai market and offer valuable insights into e-book markets in other countries and regions.