Application of Big Data and Data Analytics at Vietnamese Auditing Firms

  • Anh Le Thuc Nguyen VNU - University of Economics and Business
  • Quang Ngoc Pham


The development of digital transformation leads to the application of technologies in every field and industry. This study aims to synthesize the landscape of applying big data and data analytics in audit firms in Vietnam and propose some recommendation promoting the application of big data and data analytics at Vietnamese audit firms. To carry out the research topic, the study used qualitative data analysis method involves collecting, analyzing and publicizing review findings from secondary data including textbooks, books, articles and research papers in domestic and foreign countries. Research shows that the application of big data and data analytics in foreign and Vietnamese auditing firms has opportunities and challenges that need to be overcome. In the process of finding out the most relevant documents in the context of data analysis in auditing, this study provides insights into the concept and status of big data applications in foreign auditing firms. Moreover, the research suggests Vietnamese audit firms should invest in new technologies, safeguard information from cybercrime threats and prioritize the development of high-quality auditors.