Development model of Thai health food Industry towards SEAN Economic Community

  • สุรเดช เอกปัญญาสกุล
  • พัชรี ตันติวิภาวิน
Keywords: Development model, Thai health food, SEAN Economic Community


                   This research uses qualitative research approach, namely documents research, in-depth interviews; focus group and participatory observation. Purposive sampling was used to select Government executive officers, experts from Thai Health Food Association, Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand and the executives in private sector.

                     Researcher has found: Development Model of Thai Health food Industry as follows (1) Develop Vision and Mission together with all the stakeholders (2) Develop competency and knowledge management towards implementation (3) Develop commitment to work with voluntary and spiritual willingness (4) Develop controlling and appraisal performance system.

                   These development factors will affect to the importation of raw materials, cost of manufacturing, channel of distribution, information and communication including law and safety standard. The aforementioned matters will be altered by AEC and International affairs. Educating consumers and manufacturers in safety of Health Food Products is the key factor in manufacturing, managing, and product communication.

                   However, all factors must be complied with the Nation’s objective and policy in order to create knowledge in providing the society, people and consumers’ benefits.