Evaluation of The Development of Capabilities of SML Villages and Communities Projects

  • ณรงค์เดช แก้วอุย
Keywords: villages and communities, development of capabilities


                   This study aimed to (1) investigate the development of capabilities of the SML villages and communities projects in order to evaluate the level of result orientation in terms of their outcome and impact, (2) study the encountered problems and obstacles and their resolutions, and (3) to survey residents’ satisfaction towards the projects. This mixed-method research relied on both qualitative and quantitative data from involved government units, community leaders and committees, and people who gained benefits from the project.

                    The result showed that people understood the objectives of the projects.  And from an evaluation of the operation results in terms of their outcome and impact, it was found that budgets were properly allocated to the villages and communities in line with their sizes. This resulted in people benefiting from the structures, facilities, public utility systems, including job promotion to increase income, which, in turn, helped reduce poverty and unemployment. With this, the unemployed and those with less income have received support of their both main and supplementary careers. This was beneficial to problem resolutions of the villages/communities and responded to the real needs of the people. All in all, they learned about management and realized their roles, duties, and common responsibility.

                   The social impacts resulted from the project covered cooperation, collaboration, participation, self-help, spirit of teamwork, and consideration. Their political impacts included democracy within the villages/communities, and participatory governance. The economic impacts led to competence of the village/community among the dwellers, skills in financial management of the communities, and sustainable development. The findings of this research lend themselves as academic and practical recommendations to the people and their local leaders to come up with their operation in line with the government’s policy so that the villages and communities can sustainably be developed in the years to come.