Service Marketing Mixed Strategies Affecting Consumer Selection of Bakery Shops on Soi Thonglor in Bangkok Metropolitan Area

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Keywords: Service Marketing Mixed, Bakery Shops, Soi Thonglor


                   Bakery shops are growing popular and the number of bakery business has remarkably increased due to the new generation’s lifestyle that focuses on convenient and fast consumption. Traditional employees on monthly salaries are opting to conduct their own businesses, opening bakery shops to satisfy an increasing consumer interest. The objectives of this research is to determine the demographic factors, service marketing mixed strategies, consumer behavior and external factors that affect consumer selection of bakery shops on Soi Thonglor, Bangkok metropolitan area.

                    This is a survey research that utilized questionnaires to collect primary data. Also, a sample size consisting of 385 bakery shop consumers were chosen from convenience sampling. Primary data was analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. In addition, hypothesis was tested by Pearson Chi-Square, determining statistical significance at 0.05.

                    Most of the samples are females aged 20-29 years old, bachelor degree holders, and employees at private companies earning an average salary of 15,001-30,000 THB per month. According to primary data, taste is the main factor influencing consumer bakery selection. The most important service marketing mixed strategies that influence consumer selection in bakery shops is product. Utilizing Pearson Chi-Square (0.05 significance), relationships were found between (a) product and the demographical attributes of gender, age, occupation and salary; (b) channel of distribution and consumer selection; and (c) values and consumer selection.