The effectiveness material management of Pak Kret municipality, Nonthaburi Province

  • พรทิพย์ ชั้นบุญ
Keywords: Material management, and effectiveness


                   The purpose of the study was to explore the problem and obstacle, analyze and compare the relationship of the factors that affect the management of procurement and inventory management problems. To present the result of the study to the Executive Council for consideration and development solutions to improve administrative efficiency parcel of Pakkret Municipality.

                      In this study, the researchers mixed  and qualitative research  and quantitative. were used in this study. In-depth interviews with executives Pak Kret layout with the parcel number five on each side of the head of administration of Pak Kret 11 people and questionnaires. Procurement staff about 46 people who use statistical analysis was both descriptive statistics on the percentage and the mean and standard deviation. And inferential statistics using the t-test, F-test one way ANOVA.Correlation analysis and regression analysis .

                   The study found that those who were interviewed, and the majority of respondents were female, aged 30-40 years, with a higher education degree. A government official / employee With over 15 years of experience in working to earn an average of more than 30,000 baht per month. The study found that the opinions on the state of the inventory management at a high level, while the opinion on problem with the management inventory is moderate, and the opinion on the factors that affect the management of procurement at a high level. The comparison of factors affecting management, inventory management issues for the parcel does not conform to the assumptions of the study are statistically significant at 0.05.