Building Royalty Strategy of Football Fans: A case study of Chonburi FC

  • กุลิสรา ภู่ระหงษ์
Keywords: Strategy, Loyalty, Fans, Football clubs, Chonburi FC


                   The purpose of this research was follows to study the factors that affect personal loyalty to the football club FC., The marketing and factor that correlates with loyalty to the football club FC. and Along with the results of the research to guide strategic planning and improve service club FC to allow viewers to watch the race even more.

In this study, the researchers mixed  and qualitative research  and quantitative. were used in this study. Data were collected using a questionnaire. The sample used in this study include visits to professional football club FC. 399 people, according to statistics, the number of samples of Taro Yamane  The statistics used to analyze the data as a whole. a descriptive statistics on the percentage and the mean and standard deviation. And inferential statistics using the t-test, F-test one way ANOVA and Pearson correlation coefficients  at the significance level of 0.05.

 The research result showed that Fans of the football club FC mostly of football club FC fans were male. Between the ages of 20-29 years of undergraduate education. Work for companies The average income per month from 10,001 to 15,000 baht domicile mostly living in Chonburi. The marketing mix factors affecting the loyalty of the fans to the football club FC. The overall opinion at a high level. Given the income side Product, price, promotion and marketing. The creation and presentation of physical appearance. Service process Personnel / staff The overall level On the site Overall is moderate Factors that affect the loyalty of the fans to the football club  overall opinion at a high level. Considering it was found that both the confidence and loyalty of consumers and building customer relationships. The overall level In addition, the factors affecting the business of football management. Strategic management / 7S Framework / Balanced Scorecard as a whole at a high level. The results compare with the personal loyalty to the football club FC. According to the hypothesis of the research is related to the loyalty to the Chonburi FC. Different. Statistically significant at the 0.05 level..