A Study of Solo Lady’s Travel Perspective in Thai Society

  • อัจฌิรา ทิวะสิงห์ Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi
Keywords: solo travel, tourist behavior, lady tourist


This study had objectives to study solo-lady tourist’s travelling behavior, travelling motivation and problems and obstacles in solo travelling of lady tourists. Qualitative based research approach was employed in this study. Samples were of 16 lady tourists who have ever had at least one solo travel in their life. Sampling method was snowball sampling technique. Research tool was semi-structured interview questionnaire. In-depth interview was selected for data collection. Content analysis was used for data analysis and study result was reported descriptively.

The study result indicated that Thai lady tourists had solo travelling to both domestics and international routes by having the objectives to learn new opportunities challenging their ability as well as to find their inspiration for themselves. The travelled destinations with life safety and conveniently accessible places are mostly selected. In terms of travelling motivation analysis, the results were divided into 5 perspectives: social, political, cultural, economic, and information-technological perspectives.  In the meantime, analysis towards problems and obstacles in solo travelling of lady tourists concerned life safety, travelling convenience, travelling expenses and personal issues. However, these issues did not strongly affect solo-travelling decision; these just remind solo-lady tourists to be more aware. As a result, the study can be implemented as a guideline for tourism development and database for creating solo journey guideline for Thai solo-lady tourists.