The Study of Factors to Success of Healthcare Management of Best Practices Thai Traditional Medicine Hospital in Sakaeo Province

  • ดำรงค์ ใสภิรมย์ NIDA
Keywords: hospital, Thai traditional medicine, healthcare management, success in healthcare management, success factors.


This research studied the success factors toward medical care management of the Thai traditional medicine model in Sa Kaeo Province. The objectives of this study were to study the success factors of healthcare management and the problems and obstacles in the provision of health services of Wang Nam Yen Thai Traditional Medicine Hospital in Sa Kaeo Province. Using qualitative research, a total of 41 key informants were divided into 4 groups: 6 external policymakers, 6 internal administrators, 17 internal practitioners, and 12 people who used Thai traditional medicine services at Wang Nam Yen Hospital. The study found that the problems and obstacles in the provision of health services, Thai traditional medicine, Wang Nam Yen Hospital, Sa Kaeo Province were: (1) planning (2) organizing (3) directing (4) controlling and (5) consumer behavior. These problems and obstacles were as follows: (1) The treatment personnel of the Thai Traditional Medicine Health Service Group of Wang Nam Yen Hospital was insufficient for the number of patients. (2) Technology systems used in Wang Nam Yen Hospital were old and not modern. (3) Health Service Group, Thai Traditional Medicine, Wang Nam Yen Hospital had suffered loss (4) Legal restrictions (5) Development budget expenditures improving service quality were quite difficult. (6) People in the area of ​​responsibility of Wang Nam Yen Hospital still lacked knowledge about the safe use of Thai herbs. (7) Foreigners were becoming more interested in learning about Thai traditional medicine. (8) Foreigners had copyright or intellectual properties on the use of Thai herbs and (9) There were very little researches supporting the use of Thai herbs and traditional Thai medicine.