Relate factors contributing of Community television on digital TV Platform: The study case of Phayao Community TV

  • สุภนันท์ ฤทธิ์มนตรี
  • นิธิดา แสงสิงแก้ว
Keywords: Community TV, Digital TV, Broadcaster of community base service


                 The study aimed to investigate factors contributing to the emergence of community TV, the community involvement with the emergence of community TV, the regulatory policy supporting the emergence of community  TV.  This study also yielded recommendations towards the emergence of community TV in the views of audiences and academic representatives. This qualitative research employed data from in-depth interviews and previous academic studies.  The scope of analysis framework included the uses of concepts of communication for development, communication for community, community media, community involvement in communication and human resource management in community media. 

                   The result of this study indicated that a number of community TVs are recently formed around Thailand. The research focused on “Phayao community TV” which has started to broadcast trial programs for awhile and it has set the explicit management strategies and practices. Moreover, it has been a case model for other community TVs in several areas. It was found that supports from personnel who have ability to broadcast TV programs and community engagement were the key success to form and run Phayao TV. They have realized the mutual benefits, including a public space for the community to express and watch what they want. Such mutual benefit would lead to strong community involvement throughout production processes.

                 While the audience and educators emphasize involvement of community to strengthen the community networks, particularly local educational institutes, they gave a significant support in terms of delivering knowledge and professional skills to their community TV. With this, the community TV could work together with other networks, outside the community to become stronger.

                  The study showed the possibility of applying the management of this community TV, which was based on community members and professional knowledge. These two factors are integral as they contribute to success of the TV network, which serves as another channel for people in the area to expose themselves to less restricted information in addition to national TV alone.