Factors That Influence A Customer's Behavior Toward Decision-Making in Selection of The Gym in Bangkok: Case Study Fitness First

  • บดินทร์ เจริญประดับกุล
  • ภักดี มานะหิรัญเวท
Keywords: behavior options, marketing


                  The research aimed to study the factors affecting consumers’ behaviors in deciding upon gym selection in Bangkok. The research is mainly specified Fitness First as a case study. The independent variables determined in this research were demographic data, Marketing Mix (7Ps) and external factors. The dependent variables determined in this research were behaviors and factors that affected selecting Fitness First as a gymnasium. This study relied on questionnaires to collect data from 400 present customers of Fitness First in Bangkok. The data were statistically analyzed using hypothesis verification program.

                 The results of the study showed that the majority of the respondents 31-40 years old, single, receiving monthly average income of 20,001-30,000 baht. They hold bachelor degree and worked for private companies. The marketing mix factors that affected the decision making the most was the process, and external factor affecting the decision making the most was time spending.  The hypothesis verification of the study found that demographic data, marketing mix (7P’s) and external factors are mostly related to decision making in selecting the gym at the significance level of 0.05.