Factors Affecting Interesting Purchasing Behavior of Korean Style Dresses Via Facebook for Female University Students in The Northern of Thailand A Case Study of Chiangmai University

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Keywords: Interest, Decision-making Behavior, Korean Style female clothes, Facebook, Chiangmai University


                  The objective of this research is to study and compare personal factors, environmental factors, and relationship between marketing mix factors affecting interest and purchasing behavior of female students in the northern region of Thailand in buying Korean-style clothes through Facebook. This case study was scoped at Chiangmai University. The subjects of this quantitative research were 400 randomly-selected female students at Chiangmai University. The data were analyzed through frequency, percentage, means, and standard deviation. The statistic method used was the One Way Analysis of Variance (One Way ANOVA). F-Test and Chi-Square were also used during the method.

                  The research results showed that the level of interest of questionnaire respondents regarding marketing mix factors was in the high and moderate levels. They accessed Facebook more than 4 times per day. The most active time period was between 8-10 p.m. They spent 1-2 hours on Facebook to follow up on friends’ updates. They usually purchased goods through Facebook once a month, spending around 501-1,000 baht. Their opinion was that an acceptable price range of female Korean-style clothes should be around 200-400 Baht. They preferred to shop through Facebook because it was convenient and possible to repeat the purchase again.

                   From hypothesis testing, it was found that students with difference in ages, years of study would result in having different purchasing behaviors on buying Korean-style clothes through Facebook at statistically significant level of 0.05. Moreover, the marketing mix factors showed the correlation with the purchasing behavior on buying Korean-style clothes through Facebook at statistically significant level of 0.001.

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