Integrated Marketing Communikations Factors Affecting Decision Making Toward Food Catering Delivery Service

  • อรพิชา แซ่อุ่ย
  • เอก ชุณหชัชราชัย
Keywords: Integrated Marketing Communications, Making Decision, Home Delivery Business


                   The objectives of this research were to study integrated marketing communication which affected customers’ purchasing decision, and to investigate geographic data, integrated marketing communication, and perception behaviors as a framework to analyze four food catering business in Bangkok, Thailand.

                   The questionnaires and interviewing were used to collect data from randomly selected 400 supervisors of food delivering service providers. The data were analyzed by percentage, frequency, mean, t-test, F-test (One Way ANOVAs) and correlation.

                   Research findings showed that integrated marketing communication influenced decision making to use the service. Positive relation with the respondents’ decision was seen. This implied that integrated marketing should be addressed to types of media: agents, advertising banners in department stores, and off-site activities. label, event and radio are recommendation. Data from the interview showed that social media and pamphlets were the most accepted advertising approach. This included integrated marketing communication as one of the most effective advertising methods for this current research.