Policy and Strategy Formulation for Alternative Energy for Royal Thai Military Security

  • พลอากาศเอก ดร.ประจิน จั่นตอง
Keywords: Public policy, Alternative energy, Military security


                 The objectives of this article are to study the risks of operating on military security mission when fuel shortage occurs and to propose policy formation on alternative energy related to military security under the conceptual framework of public policy formation which requires institutions to push forward. This article focuses on policy environment, policy problems, agenda determining, alternative analysis and decision making policy, which will be pursued through various institutions responsible for each related policy in order to form alternative energy policy in accordance with military security in Thailand.

                  The findings of this article can be concluded that the government must pay special attention on drawing up guidelines regarding an alternative to fossil fuel for military security both at present and in the future. These guidelines could be systematically formed through the integration of public sectors, private sectors and civil sectors for the purpose of actual implementation. Moreover, relevant laws and regulations must be revised in accordance with the changing context for the purpose of effective law enforcement. For example, tax reduction measures should be implemented on private sectors using alternative energy.