Public service arrangement of Banbueng Municipality: A Case Study of the Hydrotherapy Building Construction and hydrotherapy for health Project

  • อรจิรา สวัสดีมงคล สถาบันบัณฑิตพัฒนบริหารศาสตร์
Keywords: Decoding a model, public service arrangement, local government organizations, hydrotherapy


This research studies the public service arrangement of Banbueng municipality, a case study of the hydrotherapy building construction and hydrotherapy for health project. The objectives of the research studies were studied's background, the process leading to the provision of public services (Hydrotherapy Building Construction and hydrotherapy for Health Projects), Analyze the factors affecting the success of public service provisioning of local government organizations. Furthermore, this study's recommendations were to develop more efficiently. The scope of research is divided into four areas: the time from August 2019-December 2021, and the scope of area Banbueng municipality, Chonburi. The population boundaries of people in Banbueng municipality area, Chonburi, and people who come to use hydrotherapy services and content scope were focusing on the following issues: Background and analysis of factors affecting the success of the hydrotherapy project using public policy process Fundamental Concepts about Public Policy. This research was conducted qualitatively using study information from the documents of Banbueng municipality Chonburi. Data were collected from in-depth interviews with 14 key informants, classified into two groups: 1) Executives, relevant staff, and service personnel five people 2) Service users and people in Banbueng municipality nine people.

The research results revealed that the hydrotherapy building construction project and hydrotherapy for health were elite policies. The construction of hydrotherapy and hydrotherapy buildings was a policy that was not defined or designed by people's needs or drives. The beginning of this policy came from the executives who influenced the agency and recognized the importance of elderly health. Therefore, this problem and solution presented to the Banbueng City Council, listened to more opinions from the people in the Banbueng area, applied for a budget to support the Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organization, and led to the construction process of the hydrotherapy building. Factors affecting the success of public service provision of local administrative organizations: a case study of Banbueng municipality, Chonburi province is as follows: 1) political factors, 2) natural factors of the project, 3) network factors, and 4) budget factors.