The Development of Alert System for Golden Cordyceps Mushrooms Cultivation using IoTs Technology

  • สรพรรค ภักดีศรี Bangkok University
Keywords: IoTs, Golden Cordyceps Mushrooms, Embedded System, Smart Farm


Tibetan Cordyceps' demands and selling prices are extremely high because they cannot be cultivated in a laboratory. Golden Cordyceps are produced by cultivating and selectively breeding in laboratories that have been researched. Golden Cordyceps is the same family as Tibetan Cordyceps but is different species. Presently, the cultivation of golden cordyceps has become more popular due to the properties, useful nutrients, and high prices, which farmers can benefit from more. However, the cultivation of golden cordyceps requires human labor, and workers' wages tend to be higher. The researcher proposes an alert system for golden cordyceps cultivation using IoT technology, which can help and is suitable for small farms. The system can help not only to reduce labor costs but also manage cultivation information. Cultivators can control the Golden Cordyceps cultivating factors manually or automatically. If any of the golden cordyceps mushroom cultivating factors is out of the specified threshold, the system immediately sends real-time notification messages to the cultivators. In addition, cultivation information will be stored in the database management system. The researchers evaluate the proposed system by dividing it into six cases: temperature, humidity, and lighting intensity. Each case has two sub-cases. The results show that the proposed system can send notification messages correctly at a rate of 95% and an average response time of approximately 6.08 seconds. The chi-square calculation is 45.536, more significant than the table's chi-square value. The proposed can be applied in small farms with low costs of ownership.