Marketing Communication towards Buying Decision of Single House in Bangkok Metropolitan Region

  • จุฑามาศ อัครเดชา
  • บัญชา วงศ์เลิศคุณากร
Keywords: Marketing Communication, Buying Decision, Single House


                  The purpose of this research is to study the marketing communication towards buying decision of single house in Bangkok metropolitan region.

                   The Research involves in studying behavior of customers who plan to purchase their new houses within 3 years. The mixed research methodology is used in this research, which quantitative research methodology is a primary and qualitative research methodology is supportive.

                  The research reveals that the sample group has planned to purchase their new houses within 3 years. Demographic characteristics, which are gender, age, marital status, number of family members of children, education level, home town, occupation, and income have no effect on single house buying decision. Moreover, advertising, sale promotion, and Public Relation highly effect on the decision making; however, direct marketing communication, point of purchase communication and personal selling did not do so.